Sharing of Stories : Connecting to God’s Global Mission

There’s something so powerful in the sharing of stories. No one can refute personal experiences; no one can take away life-shaping events. And something as beautiful and old as time happens when a willing listener lends her ear to a colorful storyteller. So at the end of my life, I want stories; stories of cold, of warm hugs, of challenges and Jesus saving the day. Because stories show that we lived. And the sharing of stories mean that we still live.

So this blog is a chapter of my story, and I humbly welcome you into its pages. My name is Linda Kofler, a recent college grad, and a couple months ago I received the life-changing news that I’d spend a year in Daejeon, South Korea serving as a YAV (Young Adult Volunteer). You can find out more about this program at their website at This year will be dedicated to creating intentional Christian community, simple living, cross-cultural mission, and vocational discernment. Basically, me and my soon-to-be four new best friends will love and be loved by the people in South Korea, joining in the work that God is already doing there.

I’ve never been to South Korea, or anywhere close, and of now, know only two words in Korean (hello and thank you). I invite you to stick with me as I stumble through language, expand my palate, meet new people, and have all sorts of unplanned adventures 7,000 miles away from everything I know.

Spending the year abroad, even on a ‘simple living’ budget is costly. Doing this would not be possible if it weren’t for my pillars of support in North Carolina, my home church Daypsring Fellowhsip in Durham, as well as the church who’s adopted me into their family, Missio Dei in Asheville, and countless individuals who’ve all taken time to love me through prayers, wisdom, food, and financial donations towards this year. It takes more than a village – it takes a community, the entire body of Christ coming together to support God’s global mission. I am truly humbled by the amount of love that’s been bountifully poured out on me.

If you would like to join in what God is doing by giving financially, you can donate to, and click “make a donation”. Then keep up with me (and please pray for me!) through this blog, which will be updated at least once a month.


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