Where God shows up – seeing the Lord of the nations moving in South Korea

Where’s God?


But specifically? Well, let me tell you about the trees outside our house.

Now, I’ve lived and worked in the city before (summer internship in Queens/Manhattan, NYC) but I’m a mountain girl through and through who’s more at home sleeping in the the woods than on a flashy, busy street. Hiking, biking, trail running, and backpacking defined my life. Before coming to this site, the fact that I was moving to a city was actually a sore spot to me. God is with us all the time, everywhere, but IP1040513 can most clearly see this when I’m admiring the sun shining through a leaf in a tree, or analyzing the way a caterpillar walks. Admiring the beauty of the Creator is how I most comfortably admire my Creator, and nestled in the mountains of North Carolina, these moments were literally right outside my door.

But… what would happen when I was taken away from all that? When concrete replaced grass and city air replaced mountain air? Where would I seeP1040133 God then? Would I see God then?

The day I left my life in Asheville, NC, members of my bible study group offered me up in prayer. It was a bittersweet moment, one rich in goodbyes and love, each member requesting blessing from the King of Kings on my behalf for the journey. One prayer in specific, from a sweet friend of mine, stuck out. She prayed that God would be so kind as to give me some green things in the midst of wherever I would be living in the city. Knowing my relationship with creation, she specifically prayed for some nature right outside my front yard. I’d lived in NYC before, so my initial thought to this request was “Yeah right. God is powerful, but putting trees in a strange city halfway across the world is a pretty audacious request.”

The night we arrived here was hectic at best. Jet-lagged, arms sore from luggage, and brains working overtime to cope with the sensory overload, we stumbled into our strange new home and fell asleep. So the next morning when I opened the door to our front yard, you can image my feelings when I was met with a line of trees – gorgeous, big, and strong trees standing protectively in a line directly outside our front door. They greet me every day when I leave for school and work. In their shade I memorized my first of many sets of Korean/English flash-cards. Call me completely crazy, buP1040524t these trees represent to me a God who’s present and detail-oriented. A God who hears prayers and understands hearts. A God who knows me and seemed to say “yeah, I heard.”

I live in the city, to be sure, but I’ve got a special reminder of home outside my front door, because of a God who loves me so sweetly.

Toodles from South Korea.

Keep on the lookout for more stories like this one under the title “Where God shows up”. I’ve got a ton.


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