About Me

I’m so glad you’ve stumbled upon my blog! Just in case you were wondering about this odd girl who’s writing Dragonfly Buddyall the posts, here’s some stuff about me.

My name is Linda Kofler and I recently graduated from the UNC-Asheville, in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina. I studied Heath and Wellness promotion (physiology, nutrition, anatomy..etc) with a minor in classical piano performance. In the states, I worked as a group fitness instructor (and loved it!) as well as a private guitar teacher. I’ve been active my entire life, and can be found mountain biking, running obstacle races, hiking, tree-climbing, and playing ping-pong in my free time. My love for movement and health drew me to study the amazing human body God created. I mean… how can you not praise God when you think about how intricately and beautifully we were designed?

I’m convinced God is in the midst of the marginalized, the downtrodden, and the forgotten. I’ve spent time volunteering in NYC as an intern with a new Church plant in Queens, and at a church in Asheville, NC (http://haywoodstreet.org/2010/07/the-welcome-table/) where I learned the value of honest community, and the power of friendship, especially with homeless strangers. Right now I work with Saenaru Community Center, an agency smack dab in the middle of a low-income neighborhood in Daejeon, South Korea which works with the homeless and low-income families in Daejeon, South Korea. I teach primarily elementary school kiddos who come to the center after school, which would be challenging even if there wasn’t a language barrier. (Can I get an “amen” from all you teachers out there?) Nah, in all reality I love it.

My life is pretty much a crazy blur of meeting new people, navigating Korean culture and language, (there have been some funny situations with that) and figuring out how best to love and be loved by the beautiful people here with the love God has lavished on me through his son, Jesus. It’s a beautiful mess. Welcome!


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